5 Top Behaviors That Can Help You Mature From Boss To A Leader


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5 Top Behaviors That Can Help You Mature From boss To Leader

The difference between Boss and Leader is like the sky and earth. As a matter of fact, all leaders are boss but not all boss are leaders.

However, the greatest mistake most people make is that they believe that being a boss automatically make them a leader. This is a very wrong assumption and if you think similarly, it is time to reprogramme your thought.

Interestingly, you may have the power to do what you like and sometimes fancy yourself as a leader. But the truth is “You are just a boss”.

Generally, anybody can be a boss, but only a few have the patience, stamina, drive, and charisma to become a true leader. As a matter of fact, leadership doesn’t require titles and titles don’t make leaders. This is what every boss should know.

So, this article will unveil the top 5 behaviors that can help you mature from Boss to Leader.

5 Behaviors That Can Help You Mature From Boss To Leader

#1. Commitment To Mission And Team

One of the behaviors that can help you mature from boss to leader is commitment. As a leader, you must be committed to your mission and team. As a matter of fact, you must be relentless and willing to go extra miles just to achieve results.

At all time, you must be passionate, tenacious and willing to push yourself further than every other person in your team. By doing this, you are setting a pace for your team to follow.

These little acts are what differentiate true leaders from the order givers. Therefore, every boss that wants to mature into a true leader, should set a tone by always being the catalyst for the actions they want to see.

Not until you decide to be the heart and soul of the project you are handling, you can’t be a true leader. And this requires uninterrupted dedications to the mission and the internal strength to keep moving even in hard times.

#2. Have Control Over Your Emotions

Learning to how to control your emotions is also one of the behaviors that can help you mature from boss to leader. Some Bosses are so emotional that their emotions are contagious.

When they are scared, stressed, frustrated and down, it spread across the team like a virus. This will definitely affect the end results in the long run.

Learn to have total control over your emotions. In fact, don’t allow any of your decisions to be clouded with emotion. Never think about yourself, put your team and the mission first before any other person.

If you can apply this unselfish approach to leading your team, they will definitely see you as a leader, not a boss.

It is a known fact that Bosses are slaves to their emotions while leaders are the masters of their emotions. They are able to control their emotion to serve the greater good.

#3. Lead By Example

The easiest way to earn the respect, trust and loyalty of your team is when you lead by example. It is actually very easy to say it, but implementing is a difficult task.

One of the easiest ways to lead by example is to be the last person to receive his/her monthly pay when the company is going through financial stress.

Also, if there is a need to retrench any staff, ensure that you have slashed your salary to the barest minimum. With this, your team will see you as a true leader and not a boss.

Furthermore, try to be at work on time and be the last to leave. Little things like this will rank your profile high among your team. If for any reason there is a deadline to meet, work along with your team tirelessly to meet such deadline.

#4. Be Empathetic

Empathy is also one of the behaviors that can help you mature from boss to leader. In fact, there is no way you can become a leader if you are not empathetic.

At all time, you must be able to understand and share the feelings of your subordinate or team members. This will enable you to treat them fairly, thus leading to a better performance.

#5. Patience

Patience is a characteristic every leader must possess. As a leader, you must be very patient and handle situations calmly. Never react to every situation and overlook little things sometimes.

These are the top 5 behaviors that can help you mature from Boss to a leader.

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