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Ibadan Business School (IBS) is a Nigeria based Business Education Institution that focuses its training programmes primarily on the two most important sectors of developing economies – the Public Sector and the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) including the Organised Private Sector. He currently also lectures on strategy, entrepreneurship and marketing in the University of Ibadan School of Business (UISB), co-ordinates various programmes/activities at UISB and the Nigerian Institute of Management(NIM), Victoria Island Lagos amongst other institutions in the country. His words: The Ibadan Business School prides itself as the only Business Education Institution in Nigeria that focuses its training programmes on the two most important sectors of the Nigerian economy. The origins of the university are in the University of London It was established in 1948 as the University College of Ibadan, as a College of the University of London which supervised its academic programmes and awarded degrees 4 The establishment came as a result of recommendation of the Asquith Commission on Higher Education in the then British colonies, that two University Colleges of the University of London be set up in Ghana and Nigeria 5 Prior to 1948, Yaba College had been founded in 1932 in Yaba, Lagos, as the first tertiary educational institute in Nigeria, focused primarily on providing post-secondary vocational education and teacher training to Africans.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Logistics Management (FILM) and has attended a number of Executive Management Training Courses at home and abroad, these include Nigerian Institute of Management, Lagos Business School, Poise, University of Lagos, Cranfield University and Manchester University in the United Kingdom. This is to inform the general public that the University of Ibadan is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the under-listed professional postgraduate degree programmes of the University of Ibadan School of Business (UISB). He is an alumni of the of the University of Ibadan where he bagged his MBA degree (specializing in marketing) as the best graduating student of the 2005/2006 set with 3 merit awards, a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management, member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, pioneer Chairman Oyo state branch of the Nigeria Association of Industrial Pharmacists and currently the second national Vice-Chairman He is a public speaker and has been invited to several business forums, gatherings and churches where he speaks on pertinent issues bothering on business and surmounting everyday business challenges.

Applications are duly expected from suitable and qualified candidates for admission into the under-listed professional postgraduate degree programmes of the University of Ibadan School of Business (UISB). Eden Global Business School is an IPMA-UK accredited and licensed Professional Institution committed to igniting and kick-starting knowledge management based, sustainable development of the nation through affordable world-class innovative, creative and enterprising educational and training solutions. He is an Associate Member, Nigeria Institute of management (AMNIN), an alumni of Southwest Business School, Ibadan, and Centre for Management Development (CMD), Lagos.

He is a management consultant, and he is an associate lecturer at the University of Ibadan (Centre for Entrepreneurship) He is a consultant to Federal Government of Nigeria on World Bank Projects (financial management), and a member of the Faculty in Ibadan Business School, also a member of the faculty in Supreme Management Consultants Education. Ibadan Business School (IBS) is a learning enterprise established with an overriding vision to bridge, through educational programs, research and influence, the capacity needs of individuals within two important sectors- the Public Sector and the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. Ibadan Business School (IBS) RC: 972642 was incorporated on the 17th day of August, 2011 under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the primary objective of promoting the growth and advancement of business education within and outside Africa.

The University of Ibadan invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the under-listed professional postgraduate degree programmes of the University of Ibadan School of Business (UISB). If we have, at one time in this country, known and experienced public enterprises and utilities that worked efficiently, what went wrong in the political economy of the nation to make the very thought of having government-owned businesses and public utilities unwelcome and unwholesome to most Nigerians today? An Alumnus of Senior Management Programme Class 33 of Pan Atlantic University (Lagos Business School), Engr.

The University of Ibadan School of Business (UISB), in collaboration with the Centre for Enterprise Management & Research (CEMAR), invite applications from suitably qualified candidates who are interested in pursuing either a 2-year EMBA programme or a 1-year EPGD programme of the University of Ibadan School of Business (UISB), for the 2019/2020 academic session, in the following specializations. University of Ibadan School of Business Executive MBA and PGD Programmes. Afolabi noted that IBS, with this partnership, would benefit from the experiences of the World Bank in delivering its training programme to the three tiers of government, and also micro, small, and medium enterprises in the Nigerian economy.

Our request led to official visitation of the World Bank team to our institution to appraise the adequacy of our facilities and capacities for the delivery of proposed professional certificate programme (classroom-based), regular certificate programmes in entrepreneurship education and training (classroom-based) and regular certificate programme in e-learning courses (online-based),” he said. Through the School of Development Management, we provide programmes and research designed to equip individuals at all levels of public service with the tools necessary to successfully manage and meet the changing needs of their departments, ministries, constituents and communities. Some of these good works include scholarships and excellence awards in education, facilitation of access to market programs especially in the agribusiness value chain, provision of seed capital for entrepreneurs and lovepreneurs, organization of various capacity development programmes for entrepreneurs, organization of interschool sport competitions for schools, promotion of decent neighbourhood projects as well as support and promotion of various technology empowerment platforms e.g. , and Pacqueens’ firm belief is that the present rut and decadence in our societies and the world at large cannot be transformed without the sacrifice of intrinsic individual and corporate interests.

Testimonials: At Ibadan Business school learning experiences are like journeys, the journey starts where each learner is now and ends when each learner is successful, the end of our IBS journey is not ensuring you know more, it is ensuring you do more. The Registrar/COO, who is a former two-term registrar of the premier university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan, is expected to leverage on her international network and exposure to make IBS a foremost business education institution of first choice. The school is also licensed by the Nigerian Council for Management Development (NCMD) – the statutory body saddled with the responsibility of regulating the standards of Training and Development Institutions in Nigeria.

Ibadan Business School (IBS) was established to address the needs of public governance business at all levels as well as attend to the business capacity development needs of individuals, micro, small, & medium scale entrepreneurs. Foremost entrepreneur, Aliko Dangote, has promised that the N250 million University of Ibadan Business School he is constructing will soon be ready for inauguration. Fawale, aged 56, was until her appointment a Deputy Registrar in the Institution, stressing that she holds the degree of B. Ed Teacher Education and Religious Studies, M. Ed Guardian and Counselling, a member of Nigerian Institute of management and Association of University Administrators.

Thus, the ISGPP reaches into the significant recess of the academia—political science, philosophy, public administration, history, economics, sociology, law, educational management, information science, development studies, international relations, etc.—in active synergy with practitioners of public administration, ICT, human resource management, project management, public sector performance, industrial relations, business information, public communication, urban and rural planning, health policy, agriculture and ecotourism, environmental policy and the civil society. In August 2011 Ruqayyah Ahmed Rufa’i, the then Nigerian Minister of Education, announced that the University of Ibadan would host the Nigerian node of the Pan-African University, the Institute of Earth and Life Sciences. In September 2016, it became the first Nigerian university to make the top 1000 in Times Higher Education rankings.

The University of Ibadan Part-time Programme is available at the Distance Learning Centre (DLC) of the University. The university’s ethos is founded on making education available to all, with a well established Distance Learning Centre where the same courses undertaken by full-time students are open to those whose access to education is restricted by finances or family obligations. Originally offering academic programmes in Arts, Science and Medicine, the University of Ibadan is currently a citadel of learning.

Ii. All applicants may be required to take the English proficiency examination at the University of Ibadan School of Business, the University of Ibadan on (6 wks from publication date) Bodija is also home to the Ibadan Business School ; a Business Education Institution set up to primarily address the capacity needs of Public Governance Business, Private Sectors such as Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and individual members of the populace.


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