Top Negative Words That Make Other People Feel Inferior


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Inferiority complex is one of the things most people battle within the office, school and other public places. As a matter of fact, there are certain negative words we use on people that will make them stop believing in themselves. Sadly, this is what most superiors do to their subordinate. It may interest you to know that there are certain negative words that make other people feel inferior. This article will focus on some of those words and why you should never use them in the workplace.

Generally, it is always advisable to say encouraging words to your subordinate, especially if they so much believe in you. What you say about them can affect how they think about themselves in the long run.

Top 11 Negative Words That Make Other People Feel Inferior

#1. Can’t

Can’t is one of the Negative words that make other people feel inferior. In fact, it can demoralize them within a short period and affect their creativity in the long run.

As a boss, never use the word “Can’t” on a subordinate who believe so much in you. Otherwise, you may be creating a mediocre out of such a person.

#2. Dumb 

Never tell people that they are dumb. This will definitely make them lost confidence in themselves.

If you think somebody is performing below average, there are other subtle ways of encouraging and motivating them. As a matter of fact, using negative words will only turn things from bad to worse.

#3. Irresponsible

Really? Do people still use this word in the 21st century? I hate this word and I felt really bad the first time my boss used it on me.

Sometimes, some parents use this word on their children or ward most times. It is strongly advisable not to use this word often, otherwise, you may unconsciously alienate and intimidate people around you.

#4. Fool

It is wrong to use the word fool on your child, ward or subordinate in the first place. You don’t need a soothsayer to know that it is among the negative words that make Other people feel inferior.

#5. NO

No is regarded as the mother of all negative word. As a matter of fact, telling People “No” can really impact them negatively.

It however advisable to use nicer approach to decline somebody instead of “No”.

#6. Failure

It is so sad when people use phrases like “You are a failure” on other people. Is there really a reason to do this? Why not correct the person nicely and teach them a more proactive approach of doing things.

#7. Ashamed

Telling people that you are ashamed of them is a negative word that can affect their self-confidence. As a matter of fact, you can try to use other nice words to express your disappointment in them.

#8. Incompetent

Oops! This is one of the most common words used in the office. Especially if your boss is a bully who wants to intimidate everybody around him.

What people don’t understand about using certain harsh words, is the fact that those you are using them on can take it beyond what you mean.

It is one thing to tell your subordinate to push harder, there are not doing their job etc. But it is a  different thing to tell somebody that they are incompetent.

#9. Hate

Hate is a strong word that you should never use on anybody except the situation is justifiable. Telling somebody that you “hate” them carries a deeper meaning than you can imagine.

It denotes discrimination, racism and if possible, it shouldn’t be used on human beings.

#10. Weird

Telling people that they are weird makes them feel abnormal and odd.

#11. Disappointment

This is definitely one of the negative words that make other people feel inferior. Has anybody told you that you are a total disappointment before?

Yeah, I know that feeling, especially if it is coming from somebody you trust his judgment so well.

These are the top 11 Negative words that make other people feel inferior. Take note of them and be conscious not to use them when correcting people. As a matter of fact, If the harshest thing you have to say about someone is partly true, say the other part.

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